Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mugsy's Closes Saturday

If you haven't seen this story in today's Southern, this Saturday is the last day for Mugsy's. I spoke with a local realtor who said she had heard (so this is at least second hand) that Maier was looking at the Pioneer Cabin restaurant location over in Carterville as a possible location as well as several other spots. Also, supposedly, the local Kia dealership is planning to expand onto the Mugsy's property.

There's also a lively discussion in the comments section of the SI article regarding who's fault it is that Mugsy's is closing. The property owners, Mugsy's owner, the city, Kevin Baity, Mayor Cole are all trotted out as having a hand in it.

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Three letters and one word: C-V-S Pharmacy.
Maybe but if I was putting money down, I'd bet the Kia dealership expands there and the CVS goes in where Hollywood Video was, since the Hollywood site offers the benefits of the previous site the company wanted with a location that's already commercially developed.
Always sad to hear such news from
afar. I was a faithful member of
the Stag Beer Club there until I
moved north in 94. In fact, I was
just there a couple of months ago
enjoying a frosty Stag with Joey
Helleny and Joe Crain. JP
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