Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It's Suarez

If you picked up the Southern today, you already know that Michele Suarez got the nod as the new Alumni Director over Mayor Cole. So what does this mean for all the conspiracy theorists who thought Mayor Cole would get the position because of the $20 million donation? Maybe he was passed over because SIU wanted to show they hadn't been bought off? Or maybe he's been passed over now and he'll get a position there later? Or maybe....



Ask no question of the conspiracy theorists... they just haven't convened to decide what their new explanation will be yet. Michelle probably got the job because Glenn didn't want to blow his cover, or something like that. LOL

Anyway, SIU made the right hire for once. Congrats Michelle!
SIU works hard to hire minorities and/or women, they don't even have to be the most qualified person to get the job. If the candidates were equal, someone who checks two boxes, will always be hired. That is one thought.

$20 million dollars doesn't buy as much as it used to, or SIU isn't smart enough to accept a bribe. Second thought.

Maybe they hired the right person for a change? She seems much better, than the old dude she is replacing. Wait, this is SIU! Hiring the right person isn't in their DNA. Third thought.

Good luck to the winner, she is about to go swimming with the sharks.
Congrats to Michelle, I will not be forced to revoke my membership to the Alumni Association.
I have worked with Michelle and she always does an outstanding job.
She also already knows the Sharks on campus and has countless friends in the community with a lot of clout.
Perhaps Cole should start campaigning to Governor of Illinois.
At least that would get him out of town.
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