Monday, June 30, 2008

Here Yesterday, Gone Today

Home Outfitters, the furniture store located at 815 S. Illinois, has gone bye-bye. The store was open when I left town for a few days last week, albeit with a big "Sale" sign in the window. This morning, the place is empty and there's a "For Rent" sign in the window. Not too surprising I guess, given the stock, or lack of it, shown in the catalog on the company's website.


Interesting, thanks for posting this. I am a journalist so these blogs help a lot.
My pleasure. Just wish there were more places opening up than closing down.
I heard yesterday that the Ashley Furniture store on East Main is closing. Didn't heard anything about the one on East Walnut, though. Have you heard anything about either one?
A bad time to be in the furniture business. Lots of low margin pieces in the market. It is kind of like being in the airline business. I had always heard that store had trouble making the rent. First across from the DQ and in their current location. Not a surprise they folded.

There must be a business of collecting furniture when the students leave town, storing it, and selling it to the next set in the fall.
8:27 Anonymous, I haven't heard anything about either one but I wouldn't be surprised if one closes. I never could see how that large of an operation could stay profitable in this market.
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