Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fruits of the Season

Blueberry Hill and Bass Farms, both on Hwy 51 by Cobden, still have strawberries as of yesterday. Blueberry Hill says their strawberry fields will only be open a few more days for picking. BH also has red raspberries available at $5 a pint for pre-picked. If you want a larger but can't get there until later in the afternoon, it's a good idea to call ahead and have berries held, as I was told they are selling out by mid afternoon.


Blueberries can be nabbed at Greer's Blueberry Farm as well at 5023 New Hope Lane. Directions: 2 miles east of Giant City Grade school. OR Take Skyhawk West from Spillway Road'll see the sign. 618.457.5949.
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