Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dillinger's To Close

According to this story in the DE, Dillinger's Feed Store will close this Saturday after a 70+ year run. Plans are to sell the property to Dan Terry, who owns the adjacent Newell House building, for use as a warehouse during the remodeling of the Newell building. After that, the Preservation Commission has, according to the story, given permission for the building to be torn down after .


The Preservation Commission has no authority to "give permission" for anything. It is strictly an advisory board that is given an opportunity to interact with property owners who might own historic property and provide them with suggestions about how they might preserve it. In the case of the Dillinger Feed Store, all the commission did was say that the historic aspects of the store were more social than they were structural. Once again, the DE showcases it's lack of accuracy in reporting. I would hate to see someone scared away from developing downtown because of an advisory commission.
I'd like to see some development in downtown. On the plus side, we only have a few empty buildings in downtown. On the minus side, we have a heck of a lot of empty space where empty buildings have been pulled down.
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