Friday, June 27, 2008

Coal City Diner Open?

Not sure if this place is open for business or not. It has a big "Now Open" sign on the door but the sign is hung perpendicularly. It's hard to tell if it's supposed to announce the restaurant is open or blocking view through the door. A warning if you go to the website, music automatically starts as soon as the page launches.


Ah, nothing quite like a grilled cheese and a martini...

I notice they have an "invest with us" button on the site now as well. They want to take it to the NEXT LEVEL, "an open full service restaurant and bar," with OPEN apparently being the key word.
Should we take bets on how long this place will actually stay open? I'll take December :)
I'll take the midpoint between property tax due date, and first health inspector visit!
They don't have a liquor license so I find it interesting that they feature a glass of champagne on their website
I find it interesting that they feature MIDI mood music on their site...
The Now Open sign is now gone so I assume it was just used to block the view through the door.
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