Tuesday, June 24, 2008

2 Boutique

Well, 2 Boutique made it a little more than a year. I noticed they had big sale signs in the window last week and, when I walked by yesterday, the pace is empty with a yellow "Mow Your Lawn" sign form the city stuck in the little garden next to it. Only things left are the signs and the pretty cool mural on the rear wall. So much for Big City Feel in Carbondale.


Though I hate to see another empty space, who really thought a boutique would last in this day and age, in Carbondale, nonetheless?
Probably the same people who think running a "foodie" blue plate diner (with a 24-hour call-ahead!) under the watchful eye of a man who lists "dishwasher" under his credentials is a good idea. Only in Carbondale, hahaha
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