Thursday, May 1, 2008

Wine and Art Fair

If you're looking for something to do tomorrow evening, Carbondale Main Street is sponsoring the first Annual Wine and Art Fair at the Town Square from 4 until 10 p.m. $5 apparently gets you the opportunity to taste wines from all 9 of the Shawnee Wine Trail wineries. It's my understanding that Main Street wanted to have a spring event at the northern end of the Strip to counterbalance the Pig Out at the other end during the fall. Here's hoping it's successful.

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Another instance of Carbondale not having an original thought. The Pig Out is the same weekend as Apple Festival and now a copycat Wine Festival! Did Main Street come up with this idea after reading about the Wine Festival planned for Memorial Day Weekend in Murphysboro?

These people should be ashamed!
No one owns the idea of wine fair. They go back at least a hundred years. Murphysboro isn't the first so lose the attitude. There are at least 25 wine fairs in southern illinois a year. I applaud Carbondale Main Street and the city in trying to do something new in the community that will hopefully bring people in to town to spend their money here. Carbondale could stand to copy some more ideas in order to generate growth.
Oh yeah? Well Carbondale had a Supercenter before you! LOL
And of course its the same weekend as Makandafest. Jeers Carbonhell!
Some must have heard the anonymous posters since the heavy rain yesterday caused CMS to postpone the event to some unspecified date.
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