Saturday, May 17, 2008

Oldest Business IN C'dale

'twould be a shame to see the Dillinger Feed Store shut down as, according to my records, it's the oldest currently operating business in Carbondale. Here's my list, as of last year (feel free to make corrections or additions in comments):

2007 years in business

Dillinger's Feed Store 72 years ( 6 years under Alyssa Gullet)

Spires Wholesale - 62 years

PK's 52 years

Mary Lou's 45 years 1962 - 1976 in former location 1976 - present in current location

B and A Travel 44 years (17 under current ownership)
Kaleidoscope 41 years

The Thrift Shop 41 years
710 Bookstore – 40 years

Carbondale Trophy 31 years

Hair Brains 27 years
Hangar 9 27 years

Tres Hombres 25 years

Mane Effects 24 years

NAPA – 17 years

Castle Perilous Games and Books 17 years
Yesteryear Tobacconist 16 years

Tonic Headquarters - 16 years
A Petal Patch Florist 14 years (4 under current ownership)
Melange coffee House - 13 years
Walk the Line 12 years

Longbranch 10 years

Vati Travel 9 years

Saluki Central 7 years
Family Hair Center 6 years
Rag Wear 5 years
Kaya 4 years
Beautiful Creations 4 years

Tantastic 3 years

Blame cut and paste from Word for the strangeness in spacing. You should have seen the arbitrary font size before I cleaned it up.


Southern Gas has been in business for 53 years.
vogler ford started business in carbondale in 1923
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