Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Musing on Warrants

I was looking over the warrants approved at last night's city council meeting and noticed a few interesting things:

1. Payment of a little over $500 to city manager candidate Jeff Stonehill. Didn't see one to new city manager Allen Gill but I might have overlooked it.
2. Payment of about $3700 to Majestic Janitorial Services. Glad to see the city pumping some money into the west side.
3. Not much business with Wal-mart. There's a spate of 8 or 9 payments to Wally-world on the second warrant but that's it.
4. The city does a heck of a lot of business with Lowe's. Not hundreds of thousands of dollars worth but easily 10 times the business it does with Rural King, Murdale True Value or Dillinger's.
5. We have a piano? At least the city spent $100 with Groll's Piano Service.
6. The city prefers local to chain restaurants. At least, I don't see any direct payments to chains such as Buffalo Wild Wings or Ruby Tuesdays. I did see purchases from Pagilai's and Tres Hombres.


No beer for German visitors? That's ashame.
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