Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Jeff Stonehill

Got a copy of city manager applicant Jeff Stonehill's resume/vita, courtesy of Mayor Cole. He's worked as the assistant to the city manager for several small communities in New York, populations ranging from 14,000 to 18,000, before taking the city/borough manager's position at Middletown Borough, PN, pop. 9,000, in 2002.

According to his resume, he oversees 94 employees and a budget of $22 million and is a Credentialed City Manager. Middletown is home to Penn State Harrisburg, which has about 4,000 students, so he has experience in town/gown relations, just not on the scale of SIUC. He might have more accomplishments but the only one of note he cites in his letter of application is getting Middletown designated a Main Street community.

If you're interested in how he might approach his duties, this article discusses the proposed hiring of an architectural firm by the Middletown borough council to advise on renovating a piece of city property and Stonehill's rationale for the hiring.


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