Thursday, May 8, 2008

City Manager Candidates

The city hosted receptions for the two candidates for the city manager position a Fusion the last couple of nights. Since I didn't get my letter from the mayor until today, I missed last night's reception and went to the planning commission meeting instead. Sheesh, what an exciting time that was. In case you're interested, both rezoning requests were approved and sent on to the city council for final approval or rejection. On, and the moratorium on the building of multi-person dwellings in C'dale was approved at the council meeting on Tuesday. So I missed the opportunity to meet and greet candidate number one, Jeff Stonehill. Apparently, he's the city manager of Middletown PA, a college town similar to Carbondale but smaller.

Bachelor number, I mean candidate number 2 is Allen Gill, currently the city manager of Pittsburgh KS, home of 19,000 very nice people and Pittsburgh State University (good thing they have an S in there, otherwise the university would be referred to as ....). As to why he wants to move here from there, according to councilman Chris Wissmann, he has family in the St. Louis region, especially new grandchildren, and wants to move closer to them. From his vita, Gill looks quite qualified, having working in public administration since 1979, with stints as city manager of Osawatomie, KS, Clinton MO, Ferguson MO. Gill also served as Economic Development Director of O'Fallon IL, and the Executive Director of Belleville Economic Progress over in (you guessed it), Belleville IL.

Looking as his work in Pittsburg (you should be able to pit up the resumes for both candidates at City Hall), Gill had a good working relationship with the university. He also managed a redevelopment effort to create a $36 million commercial development in the city, as well as a downtown redevelopment effort resulting in a $1.7 million streetscape project and and a $400, facade grant program.

BTW, councilman Wissmann commented he was favorably impressed by both men. I forgot to ask councilman Fritzler, on crutches after a soccer (football in the rest of the world) accident what he thought and councilman Jack had just flown in from Brazil, and boy, were his arms tired.

I would assume discussing these two candidates was the reason for the special double-secret closed City Council meeting called by the Mayor yesterday.

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