Monday, May 19, 2008

Arena and Stadium

Must be a slow news week at the Southern. That's the only reason I can see for the two day lovefest focused on the remodeling of McAndrew Stadium and the Arena (which the city apparently gets naming rights to as part of its contribution to Saluki Way). No real news in the store, just a recap of the history and plans for each. Also, no mention that I see of how the fund raising is going.


"One of the big carrots that are out there, besides the philanthropic aspect, is naming opportunities, so that would be a big-ticket item we would have in our bag," Moccia said. "That we would be able to name the stadium for X amount of millions of dollars."

Mario doesn't seem to agree with you that the city gets naming rights.
The paper's blatant boosterism and uncritical journalism this weekend and Monday (gotta include the fluff piece on hiz honor in the biz section) showed just how crappy the SI is relative to a good paper. Like the project or not, I don't see how you could call that balanced coverage, especially in a town where a bunch of people disagree with the project. Why are we so scared of a little dissent? Geez.
Interesting. I could swear I remember reading back during the discussion about the sales tax that one of the benefits the city got was naming rights. I'll have to check into that.
By the way, there was a *separate* fundraising story in the Southern on Sunday that didn't cover Salukis Way, but the capital campaign more generally. They say they have nearly $100 million.

On the subject of football stadiums and investing money in them, here comes the bad news from the NCAA (reported here by Inside Higher Education):
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