Saturday, April 19, 2008

Shoud the USG Be Abolished?

Given the turnout for the recent elections for USG, the responses to this letter make a good argument for eliminating the USG.


I'm stunned that a student inside of USG didn't already know that it was clubby and didn't support the activities of many of the students. These bodies became unrepresentative decades ago all across the U.S., doling out spoils to the 1% of students who are organized (usually fraterities and sororities) at expense to other students.

Given that the university itself provides tons of collective goods -- like concerts and whatnot -- what role does USG actually play for the students? I think it makes a lot more sense for the groups to have small membership fees and/or event fees. The market would then sort out what groups the student body wants and which it does not. In the meantime, the student fees would go down for once.
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