Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mugsy's Sold?

Heard a rumor this afternoon that the property Mugsy McGuires is located on has been sold to CVS Pharmacy, which plans to raze the building and build a new pharmacy building there. In late 2006, CVS sought a rezoning to move from its current location to a spot on S. Oakland between Walnut and Main. That atttempt failed, this one, if true, should be more successful.

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This rumor has been floating around. However those in the know state that the Mugy's site will be the new location of a KIA dealership which is currently housed at Ward Chrysler next door. I do not know when the property is scheduled to be cleared for the construction of the new facility.
Is Mugsy McGuires going out of business???
The Nightlife's entertainment guide has Mugsy's listed as having a "farewell party" tonight but I can't find any other info about them closing. I hadn't heard anything about this until today. What a surprise!
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