Monday, April 28, 2008

Kopies & More Moves

Just noticed this over the weekend but longtime Strip stalwart Kopies & More has abandoned its location at 811 S. Illinois for a spot in the Grand Avenue Mall over on East Grand across from Lewis Park

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I wonder if with this move, they'll still mess up people's orders and not have things ready in a timely matter.

Where's a Kinkos when you need one!
I've never had a problem with Kopies & More. I think this was a great move for them. They exist because of the University. Grand Avenue is probably the most highly populated student area in town. Nicer shop, parking is much better. I hope it works out well for them
I'm a big fan of Kopies & More. I was always happy with materials they printed for me.
It is hands-down the best place to bind a portfolio.

Best of luck guys.
I had two major projects due, and when I came to pick them up the morning that they were supposed to be ready, they gave me some excuse about something was not working. They should have contacted me so I could have taken the work some place else. The project was late, and rejected. I will never do business with km again.
Kinkos left town years ago. Too much student business, not enough business business.
I used to work there, stuff's always broke. This place is a mess.
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