Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Illinois Works

In case you're free this evening, I received the email below forwarded from the Chamber of Commerce. Wonder if they will listen if you ask about things we don't need, like the widening of 127 north from Murphysboro:

llinois' infrastructure affects us all. It fosters business growth, world-class schools and thriving communities. It's time to pass a new capital improvement bill and we want to hear your concerns.

Tell us why Southern Illinois needs a capital bill at an Illinois Works Coalition Listening Session.

Hosted by Southern Illinois University President Glenn Poshard

Wednesday, April 2
6:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.
Carbondale Civic Center
Room 108
200 S. Illinois

Illinois Works is Governor Blagojevich's $25 billion capital improvement program designed to make crucial investments in our schools, roads, bridges, airports and transit systems. In addition to repairing and rebuilding our infrastructure, Illinois will also create 700,000 jobs and stimulate our slowing economy.

We hope you will join us. Together, let's rebuild our infrastructure and put Illinois to work!


127 north of Murphysboro absolutely needs to be widened. The traffic flow especially during work hours is horrendous and the curves are dangerous. How do we NOT need this?!
Seriously, work on 127 would be nice. As is, it's the best way to get to STL. I feel for the people who have to drive this road every day-- with all those ridiculous curves and junctions, they're taking a real risk.

Or hell, drive to Springfield sometime, and tell me we don't need a better connection! Unless you're going to Chicago, SI is just cut off from the northern portion of the state.
What ridiculous curves and junctions? I just drove to Pickneyville last night. One big curve just south of Vergennes and another circling around the Pickneyville Airport According to state counts, traffic flow on north 127 is less than half of that coming into Murphysboro from Carbondale on 13. I'd much rather see the money spent on rebuilding bridges and repairing already crumbling roads throughout the state.
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