Saturday, April 26, 2008

Hollywood Video Closing

Got a phone call a few minutes ago informing me that Hollywood Video was closing its store and that videos were on sale for $5 each. Good for your DVD collection, bad for the economic well being of Carbondale, especially the west side. The last think that side of Carbondale needs is another empty storefront.Publish Post

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Holywood Video has filed bankruptcy. They may be closing some of the more unprofitable stores in order to stay afloat or they may be closing all retail stores.
I read this blog and the Southern Illinoisan, Daily Egyptian, etc., and there has not been news of one store opening in like 6 months, but so many businesses have been closing. Restaurants downtown (though that's not surprising,) Rosetta Stone, Kroger, Tina's Hallmark and so many more. I'm really worried for the co-op, actually. Surely the town can keep some businesses based on oh, all those college students!

I'll miss that Hollywood Video. It had way, way more selection than Family Video.
Carbondale needs to really get it together. I know they couldn't do too much as far as Hollywood video goes but the town can never keep a business. I remember when they were building hollywood video back in 1997 when I was in high school across the street and now its a useless building. Like it was said above the west side of carbondale is absolutley DEAD. But people in the town sit on there butts and do or say nothing. This town had alot of potiential back in the day but they let it go. They depend too much on SIU they need more business to stimulate carbondales economy. Now other small towns like Marion are close to passing carbondale up.
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