Tuesday, April 1, 2008

City Council Agenda

In case you didn't click the link to Dave's posting of the city council agenda for tonight, here it is. Lots o' stuff being purchased but the major event will be the discussion of the 2009 budget and 5 year Community Investment Program:

Visitors are welcome to all meetings of the City Council. The use of cell phones and pagers is prohibited in Council Chambers. All electronic devices should be turned off before entering. If you wish to address the Council on a matter not covered by the printed Agenda, please raise your hand during the portion of the Agenda entitled “Citizens Comments and Questions” and you may be recognized by the Mayor. If you wish to address the Council concerning an item which is listed on the printed Agenda, please raise your hand at the time the Mayor invites audience comments on that item. Time allowed for audience comments may be limited at the Mayor’s discretion.

All matters listed under “Consent Agenda” are considered to be routine by the City Council and will be enacted by one motion. Unless otherwise specifically requested by a Council Member, there will be no separate discussion on these items.

  1. Roll Call

  1. General Announcements and Proclamations

  1. Citizens’ Comments and Questions

  1. Public Hearings and Special Reports

1. Public Hearing on Proposed FY 2009 City Budget.

  1. Consent Agenda

1. Approval of Minutes of the Regular City Council Meeting Held on March 18, 2008.

2. Approval of Warrant for Period Ending: 3/10/08. FY 2008 Warrant # 1032.

3. Acceptance of Minutes of Boards, Commissions and Committees.

4. Illinois Municipal League Legislative Bulletin 2008-06.

5. Appointments and Reappointments to Boards and Commissions.

6. Award of Purchase of an Ion Chromatography System for the Central Laboratory.

7. Award of Purchase of Variable Frequency Drives for the Water Treatment Plant.

8. Award of Purchase of a Street Sweeper for Street Maintenance.

9. Award of Contract for Composition, Layout and Printing of Carbondale Communique for FY 2009 and FY 2010.

10. Award of Purchase of a One-Ton 4X2 Pickup Truck with Crew Cab and Utility Body for Public Works - Water Distribution.

11. Ordinance Approving Paul Lewer’s Request to Designate The Train Inn Located at 406 East Stoker Street as a Landmark District on the Carbondale Register of Historic Places.

12. Award of Purchase of a Zero Turn Radius Mower and Attachments for Cemeteries.

13. Award of Purchase of Materials for Handrail Replacement at the Southeast Wastewater Treatment Plant (Digester Tanks and Grit Chamber).

  1. General Business

1. Discussion of FY 2009 Budget and Five Year Community Investment Program Budget.

2. Ordinance Amending Title One, Chapter Three, Article B of the Carbondale Revised Code as it Relates to Employment of the City Clerk.

  1. Council Comments

  1. Adjournment


So once again the Mayor makes a power grab and the best argument anyone on the council can muster on behalf of their vote is, "That's the way we used to do it." Of course, they leave out all the reasons we changed in the first place.

Was there some problem with the City Clerk's position that prompted the change from a professional position to a political one? If so, why was the Mayor last seen praising the job done by the current clerk at the Arbor District debate. Its sad that he can get away with such two-faced behavior. We deserve better.
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