Friday, April 11, 2008

City Clerk III

The Southern has an article on the city clerk's position shift. Not much new in it, save for the mention that the terms under which Vaught was originally hired have changed and Mayor Cole's comments on the entire situation:

"This was the way it had functioned for decades; it's a matter of managing a position within the government, it's really not that big of a deal," he said. "I don't remember a big deal being made of it when it was switched (in 2003)."

In response to Rhode's suggestion that the city could have handled the move better by letting Vaught operate under her original terms, Cole said Rhode does not draft city policy.

"The city council sets policy for the city of Carbondale," he said. "If Ms. Vaught's attorney thinks that way then ? perhaps she should run for city council."

Cole added: "This is a matter of dealing with the management of a position. It seems to be personalized and I am not getting into that."


So Cole says it's not personal. Of course it's personal! Don't you know that with Mr. Ego it's ALWAYS personal? Cole apparently told the clerk right after last year's mayor election that he was going to take control of the position and then she was going to be fired but that she could resign instead. She called his bluff and hired an attorney. Eleven months later he was finally able to wheel, deal and buy enough votes (Corine and Jack) to pass the ordinance changing the position to put the clerk under his control. Now his goal will be to make her time at city hall miserable enough that she'll finally quit or retire if she's old enough. The clerks office is the one place in city hall that is always helpful and that's because of the clerk. What a loss to this community. Cole, you should be ashamed.
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