Monday, April 14, 2008

10 Deadliest Roads

According to this article in today's Southern Illinoisan, these are the 10 deadliest roads in southern Illinois:
Top 10 Deadly Roads:

1. Illinois 37

2. Illinois 3

3. Illinois 149

4. Illinois 154

5. US 51

6. Illinois 148

7. Illinois 4

8. Illinois 127

9. Illinois 15

10. Illinois 14

As one commenter on the paper's website wondered, are there more particular areas of each road that are more dangerous. Is it safer to drive 127 north of Murphysboro than south? How likely are accidents around Diamonds or Club Coyote? I see that you're relatively safe when driving along Hwy 13, which is a load off my mind.


So is #1 the worst, or is #10 the worst? Who knows!

I see the SI is doing its usual bang-up job, too-- gotta love headline news like "Airbags, seat belts, helmets can save lives"..
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