Thursday, March 6, 2008

New Wal Mart Opens

Got a card from Wal-mart today announcing the grand opening of the Murphysboro store tomorrow, ergo, unless I have pressing business in that area tomorrow, I will make it a point to stay as far away as possible as the traffic is going to be murder. It appears the company is pushing their produce offerings heavily as one side of the card features a very nice picture of a grapefruit while the other has a silver bowlful of lettuce.


Yeah, got my card too-- "if it was any fresher, it would still be in the field"!

What a load of bullshit. I can pretty well accept that 260 million Americans aren't all going to be getting things fresh from a field, so why does Wal-mart have to lie about it?

Besides, why am I getting a card for this all the way out in Carterville? I'd actually be passing up another Wal-Mart on my way there. Bizarre.
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