Friday, March 14, 2008

"Illinois Works" with Poshard and Hastert

Deciding to make use of President Poshard's copious amounts of free time, Governor Blagojevich, has picked him to travel the highways and byways of Illinois with Denny Hastert, putting together support for the Illinois Works Coalition, which is designed to pump about $25 billion into Illinois infrastructure, including expanding Hwy 13 between Marion and Carterville(?), new schools in DuQuoin and Benton, and a Transportation Education Center at SIU. Where the money for this is going to come from isn't part of their job, though it appears the Governor wants to fund part of it through selling off the state lottery.

Edited to correct the spelling of the Governor's name.


I don't call our Governor "Blagonovich", Scott. I call him "G-Rod." Is there a typo somewhere?
Yeah, I meant to edit out the reference to you but forgot before posting. It's been deleted now.
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