Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Another One Bites the Dust

I've noticed a sign in front of Animal Crackers advertising a 10% to 90% off sale for the past couple of weeks. The reason for the sale sign became clear today with the appearance of another sign announcing Animal Crackers will close March 31. Cherry Hill Realty is offering the property for only $250,000 and is trying to position it as a potential wine shop.

I've heard rumors over the past several months that the coming of Petco really put a dent into Animal Crackers' business. It appears the store just couldn't withstand the pressure anymore. Makes me wonder about the long-term effect of Dick's Sporting Goods on Shawnee Trails.

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Having been in Animal Crackers before (and hearing similar comments from others), the place was kinda nasty. Maybe it's just me, but it seemed dirty and the pets seemed to not have top-notch care, so I'm not surprised that people chose not to go there. While I hate to see a long-time business on the strip go belly-up, I'd say the vacancy will probably be filled fairly quickly. I look forward to a new establishment there.
I speak from direct experience when I say that Animal Crackers has been a great place for my adopted retired racing greyhound. I've boarded her there many times and she has returned happy, clean & healthy. The staff is very knowledgeable (as opposed to the seeming knowledge of the staff of the franchises) and skilled. Even the non-permanent staff are usually college students with an interest in animal care. My friends have participated with their dogs in obedience classes run by the owner and they have been very pleased with the results. I hope Carbondale residents learn that cities with vibrant, healthy business districts are that way due to the support, by its citizens, of great, local businesses, like Animal Crackers that have longstanding ties to our community. I'm sorry to see Animal Crackers leave - hopefully, they'll just move to an even better facility!
Animal crackers was a run-down filthy place. I think they got their supplies from the remains of the old Sunset Motel.

As far as the location goes, I'd give $50 for someone to bring Merlin's back!
That may be so, Anonymous, but until you're willing to put a name/link with your often-ridiculous comments, I doubt anyone will take you seriously.

I do miss the big spinning record mural, though.
That's the wonderful part about being anonymous, Davex! Unless you're really good, you'll never know who I am. And what may be ridiculous to you may make perfect sense to someone else! Shouldn't you be messing around with some of your ridiculous experimental noise rather than pick on poor old anonymous me?! And yes, the spinning record mural was cool...those were the days.

No parking in that building, going to be a hard sell at $250k. Gary Hill strikes again, over pricing a property to the point it never sells. I'm going to guess that the building is worth about half of asking, in the real world.
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