Monday, February 25, 2008

Rosetta Stone Closing

Got this email announcing the closing of Rosetta Stone Bookstore. It appears everything is 10% off through the last day, so if you need a book, help 'em pay some bills.

After 13 years of serving the community, Rosetta Stone Bookstore will be closing its doors on February 29th.
There are many reasons for the closure, but it comes down to the fact that sales are just too low. There have been many, many days where we've had one, two, or no sales. I have been working two - sometimes three - part-time jobs and still just barely scraping by. Even with the partnership with Tropicana Vintage Clothing, we are not making enough to pay our basic bills, and we have many, many debts to pay off. After this month, I'm hoping to get a full-time job.
We'll have all our magazines on display until the 29th, so please stop by & pick up a copy so you can fill out a subscription card. I know a lot of them would appreciate it, especially the smaller zines, who are also struggling in these tough economic times.
I hope that you continue to support Carbondale's independent businesses, including the Book Worm and Book World. I'm sure they would appreciate your business.
If you're an artist/author/musician and have items on consignment here, please come pick them up. If you can't make it in by Feb. 29th, please let us know (before the 29th).
Please stop by and show your support in these last few days. While we can't afford to have a big sale, everything is 10% off! We would really appreciate your support!
Thanks for everything you've done!
Jessica & Paula Bradshaw
Rosetta Stone Bookstore
Inside Tropicana Vintage Clothing
Just off the square downtown
(212 North Washington Street, Rear)
Carbondale, IL 62901


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