Thursday, February 7, 2008

Oakland Ave. to MLK Ave.

There's a group at SIU working to get a Carbondale street renamed for Martin Luther King Jr. Looks like the plan is to get USG behind it, then either approach City Council with the proposal with USG's support or circulate a petition among the residents and churches (of which there are a surprising number) on Oakland before approaching council. You can read the DE articles here and here. While I'm not adverse to naming something for King (maybe Friendship Park down on Mill Street?), the changes you'd have to make renaming Oakland would be pretty extensive.


I think it would be a BIG MISTAKE to change the name of the street-and not because it would be in MLK's name- but rather because of the legistical nightmares that would occur. Also, it's been Oakland ave for MANY years, and would lead to a lot of confusion. Why not change the name of a newer street or put the name on any new street that is built in town (esp. in the area of GC road??
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