Thursday, February 7, 2008

Does Your Vote Count?

The Friday film at Muddy Media at 214 N. Washington is called Stealing America: Vote by Vote. It's about the 2004 election and will be shown at 7pm, with discussion to follow.

Interesting that we can now have elections lasting 18 months, and never have a corporate media discussion of the private machines that we are voting on, just endless discussions of tears, haircuts and smackdowns.

There is actually tons and tons of academic research done on this, primarily by political scientists and computer scientists. Also a provokative book called "Was the 2004 Presidential Election Stolen" by a stats professor.
Yes, I know that people who have looked into the vote stealing of 2004, including unreliable machines, have proved, to my satisfaction, that Bush did not win in 2004 either.

My point was that the fact that our voting system is easily hackable is never mentioned in the corporate media, not that it isn't available in books.
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