Friday, February 8, 2008

Cool City?

Here's the DE's report on the Cool City meeting last might. As Greener Than Thou noted in her post, Mayor Cole equates recycling with emissions reduction:

"There is no way to change everything," said Cole. "It's a gradual process of making improvements in specific errors."

He said city officials are looking at the idea of expanding recycling programs and have applied for state grants to cover the cost of other programs.

Cole said there is no way to determine a definite price on a movement like this.

No mention of the electric cars, though. Here's the Southern's report on the same meeting. Apparently enacting core to reduce emissions is micromanaging the citizenry though:

Some in the audience suggested city hall take a more proactive approach and begin mandating tougher environmental practices, an idea Cole said could begin a slippery slope toward micromanaging the citizenry.

Resident Judy Ashby was among those calling for tougher local standards and disagreed with Cole.

"I think we can mandate them," Ashby said. "There is a city council who makes decisions. So make a decision and act on it."


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