Thursday, February 21, 2008

City Council Meeting

Sounds like last Tuesday's City Council meeting was pretty interesting, given that it ran over three hours. You can listen to all three hours here. This weeks Carbondale Times does a good job of covering the highlights with a handy graph showing which community organizations got how much, how much each organization had asked for and how much each one got last year.

Most organizations got the same or a little more than last year. The I Can Read really pushed it, asking for $100,000 in finding and getting about $25,000. Big losers were the NAACP, which lost free rent at the Hayes Center because it did not provide a contract to the city specifying what services it provides to the city and Attucks Community Services, which lost both free rent and additional funding due to dodgy handling of past payroll taxes and subsequent trouble with the IRS, plus some falsified numbers on previous funding applications.


Interesting tidbit -- the city grant for arts this time around didn't include the $15,000 for the music festival. This money has been budgeted on more than one occassion as I understand it and it is a successful program. It couldn't have anything to do with the director's support of the mayor's opponent last year, could it?
It wouldn't surprise me. The mayor is well known to have a "list" with people who don't support him. All power hungry politicians keep such a list. Haven't you heard?
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