Sunday, February 3, 2008

Chris Wissmann on the Election

In his latest column for the Nightlife, Chris Wissmann writes on why he likes Obama, but wants you to vote for Kucinich if you're a Democrat and why you shouldn't vote for Ron Paul if you're a Republican. You can read some of the selections from the Ron Paul newsletters Wissmann refers to here and here.


Am I the only one who thinks Wissman spends too much time trying to make the appearance that he is "independent"? Kucinich? Honest, he's great if you're a liberal but you still wouldn't want him as president.
Wissmann's argument is all about sending a message. If you remember back in 2000, there was a concerted effort to get voters in "safe" Democratic states to vote for Ralph Nader, the idea being the state would still go for Gore while sending a message that people strongly supported Nader's positions.
What we need is a good dictator like Brad Cole to take care of the nation!
I'm pretty sure that argument confirms my opinion that Wissman is a nut, Scott.
Then a lot of people were nuts back in 2000 as the idea got enough of a groundswell that the organized effort got looked into for violating election laws regarding selling votes.

I haven't decided yet who to vote for: Obama for change or Clinton for experience. Never considered Kucinich but would have voted for Richardson if he had stayed in the race. And no love for the Cole-man, eh?
The difference, of course, is that this is a primary election rather than a general.
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