Monday, February 4, 2008

Campaign Activity

So far, with the except of Ron Paul's supporters, primary activity has been limited to signs and a visit by a Green Party candidate about a month ago. I saw a couple of Paul supporters holding signs and waving a flag in front of his office along East Main this afternoon. A few Obama '08 signs have cropped up, no Clinton signs and the Obama signs are vastly outnumbered by the, yet again, Ron Paul signs. No other Republicans have shown any interest in this area.

In the race for 5th District Appellate Court judge, Wexstten signs have been all over the place, with nary a one for Clark.

As usual, WSIU radio will cover national and local races as they come in.

Edited to add: And as usual, WSIU cut off their local campaign coverage at 10:30 and switched from national campaign coverage to classical music at 11 p.m. Phooey.


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