Sunday, January 27, 2008

Downtown Businesses Closed

Was walking back from Rich Whitney's media presentation at the Big Muddy Independent Media Center last Friday night and happened to glance through the doors at Club 51 and if the place isn't closed, it sure looks like it is. On a Friday night, the lights were all on but tables, chairs and stools were all missing and didn't see a soul inside. So either things start happening there much later in the evening or the place is closed.

Also, Sachi Japanese and American Cuisine has been closed since December 21st. That's the date on the notice on the door from the Jackson County Health Department, wanting the owners to contact the JCHD about the restaurant's food. I've been told the restaurant will reopen featuring Carribean food but haven't seen much indication that's happening anytime soon, though someone did pick up the phone books that had been dropped off in front of the door.


Heard that the Glassy Junction is closing on Saturday, February 9th too ...
That's too bad. Only ate there a handful of times but always enjoyed the food and atmosphere. Thought it was a bad sign when they started pushing martinis over food.
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