Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Dillinger's for Sale

I am sorry to report that Dillinger's Feed Store is for sale. This is a middle of town small business struggling to compete against the big box Rural King.
I try to patronize Dillinger's whenever possible. You can't get your chicken wire cut to order at Lowe's!
It would be a shame to lose this store.
By the way, you also have to pay to park at Dillinger's. Another example of the city profiting off the backs of those who try to shop locally.

Yeah, fifteen minutes free and a hefty twenty-five cents per hour is a powerful deterrent for people wanting to come downtown. Of course, the business could always build their own parking lot like every other business has to outside the downtown area. I would personally say that City has provided a very nice amenity to downtown businesses.
To the dumb ass who calls rural king a big box store. Rural King is a small company that originated from Mattoon, IL, and only has 37 stores in the country. Does that sound like a big box store to you?
There are few businesses in downtown Carbondale that have the longevity, history and the authenticity of Dillingers. While the City Council raced to give $20,000,000 to a football stadium, Dillingers can't get a parking lot without meter maids. We used to buy our eggs at Dillingers. That is, until the worldwide egg lobby decided that eggs from small farmers weren't good enough unless they were "candled" by Federal inspectors. They can't catch a break from the nanny state and they're overlooked by our own City Council. So much for the government and business.
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