Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Carbondale This Year

Out of curiosity, I've been slowly sending out emails to the city council members asking what changes they expect to see in C'dale this year and what changes they expect to see. Here's Joel Fritzler's response:

I expect to see construction start for at least the new police
station and hopefully a land purchase made for the new fire
station. I'm expecting a new Mexican restaurant but I'd really
like to see an old fashion bakery. The new Murphysboro Wal-
Mart will adversely affect retail sales and sale tax revenues
in Carbondale, and it is yet to be determined if the new store
will receive a liquor license.

For the last two years, to become a more environmentally
responsible city and to control certain costs, I've been asking
for changes in the city's garbage and recycling collection
processes. The flat fee of $7.25 a month for garbage pickup is
not cost effective when there is no limit to amount of garbage
a household can pile by the curb. With rising fuel,
maintenance, labor, and landfill costs the city needs to
encourage recycling by charging by the size of the container
and the number of containers. The curbside recycling program
(or a similar pickup process) needs to be expanded to
apartments, care centers, and businesses.

I expect to see (hear) more live music in 2008 as I won't have
to worry about dry cleaning bills or being congested for a
couple of days due to smoke filled rooms.

With rising gas prices, transportation is becoming more of an
issue for residents of Southern Illinois. I expect to see an
increase in Amtrak ridership. I would like to see Greyhound
reinstate a more direct bus route to Chicago. I would like to
see Amtrak and Greyhound work out an agreement to use the
terminal building together. And, after being in existence for
almost 55 years, I would like to see the Southern Illinois
Airport Authority serve a larger group of the property
taxpayers that fund them by working towards returning a
commercial carrier to the airport.

Happy New Year,

Joel Fritzler, Councilman
Carbondale City Council


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