Monday, January 21, 2008

1187 Creative

As noted over on Dave's blog, it looks link a number of staffers from the Arthur Agency have set up shop as 1187 Creative on the second floor of the Benning Building. Though the company has been running a series of commercials, I mean sponsorships, on WSIU , just launched their website today. At least, when I looked at it earlier this morning, their website just had a placeholder, but now it's up and running. Looks like there're two offices, one here in the 'dale and one in St. Louis. Looks like the company is looking for an account manger for the St. Louis office if you're looking for work, as well as promoting its video production services to the St. Louis market. Wonder how the loss of some apparently key personnel will affect The Arthur Agency.

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I popped in the Arthur Agency office today; spoke to the receptionist, who said . . . "read Dave's blog tomorrow for more info." Okay she didn't say that, but helpfully answered my questions. I walked out with an application for employment. ;-)
I'm amazed there is enough "creative" advertising business in this town to support one agency, let alone two. But, I'm thinking that the plunging stock markets this week will take care of that.

And not just in Carbondale.
Looking at the portfolios on both companies' websites, Arthur Agency has done work for about 20 companies while 1187 has info about only 2. Of course, 1187 does say they only posted info about "selected" clients.
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