Friday, January 25, 2008

Saluki Way gets cool million

A member of the board of directors for Saluki Way, will donate $1 million to the first phase of the project. Former SIUC student, Greg Cook, part owner of Cook Portable Warehouses and his wife, Nancy, are making the donation in memory of his father, John," reports the DE: $1 million Saluki Way donation announced. Cool.

so does this mean we're going to have $1 million knocked off the sneaky sales tax increase that Old King Cole helped slide through?
No, that means no such thing (unfortunately).

According to the news on tv last night, Mochoa said that this brings us up to "70%" of the funding. Its roughly an 80 million dollar project, 40 of which is coming from student fees and C'dale sales tax. Unless there is another 19 million in donations we haven't heard about, his estimate is so far off as to be laughable. When will someone at the newspaper or television station expect these folks to keep their facts straight? Geez.
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