Thursday, December 6, 2007

Murdale Farmer's Market to Move?

Front page story in yesterday's Carbondale Times says the Murdale Farmer's Market hasn't gotten a lease signed yet for next year. I've heard discussion about this since mid-November. Given that things start up again at the market in about2 and half months, the market board can't be thrilled with a lack of a sure location. There has been talk for the last couple of years that the landlord has wanted to move the market (One possibility I heard about a year ago involved moving it into the field to the west of the parking lot).

According to the story, the markets' directors want to stay on the west side because their customer base is located in the neighborhoods behind Murdale. The Murdale Shopping center proper doesn't seem too thrilled about having the market move into its lot. While there's plenty of space on the east side, the market's directors would have to do some fast negotiating to get in any of the lots and lots of advertising to let people know about the move.

Moving it to the town square is another possibility, though the parking lots down there don't offer the same ease of access for vendors that the lots on either side of town do. However, negotiations would be much easier as the market would be dealing with the city rather than a private landholder and both Carbondale Mainstreet and the Town Square Coalition would likely work to make the move easier.


Does anyone know the real reason the parties have not come to terms? The Farmer's market attracts a lot of retail customers which would seem to benefit all Murdale merchants. Aside from the fact that there is some controversy, we are still left wondering.
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