Saturday, December 1, 2007

Linz Brown Passes Away

Long-time Carbondale resident and community activist Linz Brown passed away suddenly yesterday. From the email sent out by D. Gorton:

It is with deep sadness that we report that Linz Brown has died. Sandy Litecky said that Brad Cole was at the hospital with the family and had called her with the news. Linz was a tireless campaigner for a better community, working long hours to study complicated budget proposals at City Hall. Linz and his wife Rosie were retired from SIU.


What an unexpected shock! Linz Brown was really cared about Carbondale. He did way more than most to advocate for this city and try to make it a better place for one and all. The very best to his family and friends and may he rest in peace.
It's really sad indeed. I live right next to him. He was on his roof with a leaf blower just hours before. I came home and saw sirens everywhere.
It is so sad to know that Dr. Brown has left us forever. He was so kind and humorous. My family will miss him. May he rest in peace and all the best to Rosie, his wife, and his daugther and granddaugther. His Chinese friend.
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