Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Improving Educational Performance

Interesting article in this weeks Economist magazine on what it takes to improve educational performance in primary and secondary schools. Pouring money and political energy into them apparently doesn't work. According to the study, what works is moving weaker students into more demanding programs, giving principals the power to control budgets, set incentives and decide whom to hire and how much to pay them, publishing school results and most importantly, hiring high quality teachers. Wonder how that would play here in Carbondale?

Overall top performing country in terms of reading, math and science? Finland, followed by South Korea. the US is way down the list, despite No Child Left Behind.


Yay! Let's all move to Finland and South Korea!
No child left behind is causing us to be left behind. It's time to remove this "experiment" in education before it destroys what little is left of our once great educational system. Education is the main reason nations become great. Both Finland and South Korea have higher standards of living than the U.S., largely due to the fact they can attract the high paying jobs that the new economy has created. Not educated well for this century? Then you get to clean the toilets. Training just for testing leads to ignorant, incapable, and unemployed youth. A youth that will quickly become our leaders and policy makers. How I dread those days!!!!
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