Saturday, December 8, 2007

Days' Inn Gone

Well, not gone exactly but I noted this morning that the Days' Inn logo on the motel on West Main has been painted over and there's a temporary sign up touting it as the "University Inn" with rooms starting at $39.99

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Just what Carbondale needs...another stabbin' cabin...
the days inn is moving across the street into the old holiday inn. The owners of both places is the same person and they plan a renovation of the old holiday inn. so no stabbin' cabin, just investment into our community. We should show more support.
Well, that stretch of town is kind of shady, unfortunately. Even after Motel 6 did all those renovations, it's still scary. Too bad Carbondale can't push some new businesses or chain restaurants into that area to clean things up a little bit.
There are definitely sections of Carbondale that are becoming more ghetto, and that is one of them. The west side of Carbondale, in the area of the old Ramada is quite scary too. It's sad to see Carbondale becoming more run down, when towns like Marion are BOOMING.
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