Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Lights

Is it just me or are there fewer Christmas lights around this year than in past years? I was walking through the Arbor District and West Walnut Street areas last night and could count maybe half a dozen houses with lights on them. The neighborhoods off S. Oakland and Glenview were similarly barren of light.


It's because people are spending so much money supporting Saluki (no) Way that they can no longer afford to put up lights for Christmas....
Last night, December 26, I took my 94 year old mother on an outing to view Christmas lights. We were astonished at how few there were in marked contrast to past years. We drove along Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles and along residential streets too. Could it be a fear of terrorism, or possibly that the recent militant mis-emphasis of Christianity has overshadowed its kinder, deeper, brighter side. In any event, something is definitely going on and I haven't noticed any mention of it in the media.
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