Sunday, December 2, 2007

Attendance Figures

I see by the Southern that attendance at the Lights Fantastic parade was at least 10,000 and the football game drew about 6500. Couldn't find figures on attendance at the SIU-Indiana game. Anyone know what they were?

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the siu-indiana game was a sell out,9,345 fans in attendance.
Why on earth do we only have 6,000+ fans in attendance for a football team that is two games away from a National title? Don't give me weather, or competing events, there is some other reason that people in the region just don't support our football program like they ought to ... They show up in Montana ...

Bugs me, to say the least.
That's kinda what I was thinking. Even the Southern pointed out that it was a relatively small crowd. Can't blame the weather as the nastiness didn't start until Sunday
Because 1) its mediocre football compared to what you could see on TV the same day and 2) people spent their sports dollars that day on the basketball team which is clearly more popular around here. I won't even go into why this means we should spend local tax dollars on the football stadium...
Look at the multiple attendance threads on SalukiTalk if you want your answer. I think there are issues between Carbondale and the rest of Southern Illinois that express themselves in lacking support for SIU.

Maybe, just maybe, our academic problems keep attendance down. Can't back that up but I have that gut feeling.
because football sucks
In '83 attendance for both home games exceeded 10,000 despite some crummy weather both weeks. I don't recall that either game conflicted with Thanksgiving and ticket prices were much lower, even considering the 24 year difference. There was no TV coverage and no conflicting event. Sadly, many people will sit home next week since it's on ESPN (a good thing overall with a negative attendance effect). The team certainly deserves better!
"Mediocre football," huh? I couldn't possibly disagree more. Less glamorous and sensationalized, I'll concede, but mediocre? Tell that to Bart Scott or Brandon Jacobs. Better yet, tell that to the pro teams that benefit from these "mediocre" athletes in their lineups.

What a joke. A good news year's resolution - drink less of the BCS Kool-aid.
You've got to be kidding me. You really think there is *any* comparison between D1 football and D1-AA? There is a reason that SIU had such a long D1 losing streak this year and, only then, squeaking by a lower mid-conference team. Maybe you ought to put down the beer and gain some perspective. If SIU played a D1 schedule that was even halfway decent, they would get rocked.

Is it good football? Relative to other D1AA and high school...absolutely. Is it worth being proud of? Yep! Is it mediocre compared to the BCS teams? No doubt.
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