Wednesday, December 5, 2007

As Pocatello Goes...

Interesting interview in last week's Carbondale Times with Mayor Cole. I was especially intrigued with his comments about other colleges around the nation picking up and Carbondale's funding of Saluki Way through sales tax revenues. Apparently some one in the city government of Pocatello, Idaho read about Carbondale's tax funding and adapted it to help fund building at Idaho State University. Mayor Cole also says there was a story on about it and several other colleges on the East Coast are looking into it as well. I did a quick search of both ISU's and ESPN's websites but didn't turn up anything. Also shot off an email to Pocatello's city hall but haven't heard anything back from them yet.

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I wonder if Pocatello's mayor ran television ads saying her opponent would "play with your taxes" two months before making this proposal. Did you happen to put that in your email, Scott? :D
I believe the mayor of Pocatello, ID stated that the issue was ti be put before the citizens in the form of referendum. It sounds more like a property tax rather than a sales tax. If it is a paropety tax I would be very surprised if it passes. If it was put before the citizens for a vote here I do not think it would have passed. I think it would be interesting to see the amount of funding expected to be generated from the increase in student fees based on current and future enrollment levels. Then a determination could be made on the amount of additional funding actually needed to move the project forward. I have never seen a detailed financial report from the university that would specifically identify this information, only estimates and percentage of project cost etc. Nothing specific based on enrollment levewls.
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