Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Cynthia McKinney coming to Carbondale

The Green Party of Illinois has worked hard to place Cynthia McKinney on our primary ballot. Now she is coming to Carbondale to campaign.

We learned yesterday that she will be in Carbondale on Saturday morning, Dec. 8th. Now we have to figure out where we can have her meet the people. Everyone is welcome to come to the Muddy Media space at 214 N. Washington tonight, Nov. 28th, at 6:30pm to help plan venues.

Cynthia was the first African-American woman to be elected a Congressperson in Georgia. She was anti-war, pro environment, pro-civil liberties, and a watchdog over the government. She was re-elected 6 times, but ran afoul of the Bush-Cheney administration, and was targeted with the big money. She lost the 2002 election, came back in 2004, and lost again in 2006. Now she has become a Green, and is running for President of the United States.

If the thought of choosing between two pro-war, pro Patriot Act candidates in 2008 depresses you, get involved in the Green Party.

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