Friday, October 12, 2007

Unofical Halloween

Interesting piece in the DE today about unofficial Halloween. I've been hearing some talk about this. I found the last couple of lines in the story pretty disingenuous:

Mulderink, however, said he disagrees and thinks if students prove they can handle themselves in a Halloween setting without riots he is sure Carbondale will remove the restrictions.

Mulderink said he was doing everything possible to keep this celebration from turning out the way past Halloweens have.

"I don't want any rioting to take place, and I've been trying to do everything to prevent that," he said.

You've got 8000 people interested in coming downtown the 20th to drink and don't think there's going to be trouble? I'd like to know what the "everything possible" he's doing to prevent riots is? Somehow, I don't think it includes him hiring security for crowd control out of his own pocket. And I don't think people are going to be remembering warnings on a Facebook page when they're out at PK's or Hangar 9.


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