Thursday, October 4, 2007

Public Money for Sports Stadiums

Here's an interesting report on the public funding process for the new Yankees' Stadium in the South Bronx. Apparently no public comment, rammed through quickly, over half a billion in public subsidies and no evidence of any benefit generated for taxpayers or the community.

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This links to a web site set up by Big Labor front groups. I'm not a fan of public subsidies for sports stadiums, but this is a totally one-sided argument and probably not entirely factual.
Do you have any links/sources showing their support comes from the labor movement? I took a quick look around the web but didn't find anything.
The mere fact that they are involved in the anti-WalMart frenzy is evidence that the SEIU is behind them. Run some of the names through Google and I guarantee you get some links to Big Labor.

This stuff is not hard to spot. The Unions have more money than God and most of these "social justice" groups are fed by by the Union Teat.
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