Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Hazardous Waste Collection

Just got this reminder about the collection on the 20th:

Event: Household Chemical Collection Event (Open to all Illinois residents. No items accepted from businesses, institutions, or units of government.)

Date/Time: Saturday, Oct 20 from 8am - 3pm

Location: Southern Illinois Airport, northwest of Carbondale (follow the signs)

For additional information, contact: Bart Hagston,

Items collected: Paint, aerosols, all types of batteries, motor oil, antifreeze, old gasoline, cleaners, solvents, adhesives, pesticides,
herbicides, insecticides, poisons, pool chemicals, cooking oil, mercury containing items such as fluorescent bulbs, thermometers, & thermostats.

Also accepting old medicines (no controlled substances, leave in original container, may black out personal information but leave drug
name visible; no needles or syringes).

We will be doing another mercury thermometer exchange. First 100 people to bring in one or more mercury thermometers will receive one digital, non-mercury thermometer. Mercury thermometers have silver liquid; ones with red liquid are alcohol, not mercury, and should not be brought in. (Mercury thermometers are safe to use, the reason we do the exchange is to get rid of old stockpiled ones that people might not be using any longer and prevent them from being thrown in the trash.)

Items NOT ACCEPTED: Explosives, ammunition, fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, fireworks, propane tanks, medical waste, radioactive materials, tires, appliances. No containers over five gallons in capacity without contacting Jackson County Health Dept. prior to the event.

Event co-sponsors: Southern Illinois Airport, Jackson County Board

To see or print a flyer for this event, please see visit:

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