Friday, September 28, 2007

Traffic Counts

Thanks to a friend of mine at City Hall, I found this spiffy map of traffic counts throughout the state. It shows westbound traffic from Carbondale hits a high of about 28,000 a day out by Kroger West, drops down to about 14,200 where westbound 13 hits Murphysboro and trails off to about 4500 north on 127 leaving Murphysboro. Meanwhile on the other side of town, the Wal-Mart intersection draws about 28,000 cars a day while the Reed Station Road intersection sees about 29,600 cars. Meanwhile about 11,000 enter and leave Carbondale via South 51 while 10,500 use north 51.

Funny, I really though traffic was much lighter on the west side of C'dale than on the east. Maybe its the effect of the Carbondale Clinic and doctors offices out there?

Here's a link to the map. From what I was told, state route counts are updated every year and city streets, every five. click on Average Traffic Counts, the use the tool to work your way down to the area you're interested in:

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