Thursday, September 6, 2007

So Now What?

The Department of Higher Education has decided not to review Pres. Poshard's dissertation. The University hasn't started an investigation into the charges either, so the whole thing hangs in limbo currently. Despite what we would like, it's really hard to stop something like this once it's started. The quicker the situation gets resolved, the better off SIUC will be.

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Are you serious? I don't care how the facts came out -- his dissertation was rife with plagiarized material. His excuses were those I would have expected from my first year students. He's guilty, his PhD should be rescinded, and he should do the right thing and resign. If SIU is to have any credibility, they have to enforce their own student conduct code -- especially when it affects the president of the system.
I didn't say what the outcome should be and I think the letters about the AFAC are a case of attacking the messenger for bringing the message and attacking them isn't going to make it go away, despite what the letter writers appear to wish. Whatever happens though, whether it's Poshard resigning, which I doubt, or the university allowing him to rewrite the disputed sections and that's it, which I hope not, some decisive action needs to occur quickly.
Maybe anonymous would do a better job...
Actually, I would. (1) I'd ditch Saluki Way, so that I could (2) catch up on deferred maintenance and (3) devote my scarce resources to academic expenditure. I would (4) ditch the SIU at 150 debacle and (5) return to Delyte Morris' vision for SIU -- a comprehensive, regional university that didn't try to compete with U of I in the sciences, but rather focused on the humanities and arts.

And finally, I wouldn't commit plagiarism.
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