Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Pig Out

The DE finally ran a full page story on the Carbondale Pig Out, two days after the event. I guess better late than never.

Kids activities were a bit sparse lacking. That was the main complaint I heard from attendees. There was the Fire Department's Smoke House and three inflatables for kids to climb and bounce on and the race track. No face painting, like the flyer advertised. The pony rides, which were a big hit last year, got canceled because because the man providing them got a flat tire on his trailer and apparently wasn't able to get it changed in time to drive five miles. The kids really enjoyed the inflatables, though.

Food went over very well, as usual. Bethel A&E sold out of all of their catfish, jambalaya and peach cobbler. In fact, they sold out of all the food they had by about 9:30 Saturday night. 17th Street Bar and Grill also did well and closed down around 10 p.m. The only place still serving anything was Paulette's and even they were down to a few items by the end of the festival.

Beer tent, not so good. From the main gate area, the crowd looked pretty sparse and the couple of times I walked through, I could have rolled a bowling ball through without much trouble. I think it was just too cool for people to enjoy beer that much. Plus as was pointed out in the comments, a lot of them were up at the stage in the evening, dancing.

A good event overall. As people were changing back in their tokens for cash, I made it a point to ask if they enjoyed themselves and, with the exception of a couple, all said yes and that they'd be back next year. Those that didn't said it was only because they got there too late to get food.


The crowd was up at the stage dancing instead of sitting in the beer tent.
There is tons of competition for things to do on fall weekends.
Cool weather a huge wedding and other festivals all affect the crowds.
Still a great event.
Maybe you should volunteer to coordinate the face painting next year!
I edited the post to point out more that those people who attended did enjoy themselves.
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